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    In most festival, dessert is your last course of a meal that's ordinarily a sweet dish or beverage. In India, candies are an integral part of festivals, serves or some other happy occasion.


    Most Indian desserts include milk or ghee as its main ingredient. Milk candies occupy the first place in all Indian bakeries. There are also some desserts made with fruits and nuts.


    In South India, a sweet item is often the first item to be served in a meal during home warming, birthdays and weddings. It symbolizes the sweet start of the occasion celebrated. Of course there's also a dessert at the last.

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    10 Indian Sweets recipe for Festival Time

    It’s already summer time now and almost every kid is out there celebrating vacations. The vacation times now call for some really good snacks at every snack time, morning or evening. Now that we are talking about snacks, we know that kids get bored too soon. The snacks that we usually give to the...
    Festival time is the time you will see most of the people going for Indian sweets for desserts. Desserts usually are just anything random but not Indian sweets, when it isn’t a festival upcoming. Now that we have all the festive seasons lined up, how about some traditional Indian sweets? You don...
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